"Sustainability is a road, not an end destination"

We, at The Cullin Design, believe firmly in caring for the environment and eliminating or decreasing the environmental harm caused by the production and consumption of our products. 

 We do this by ordering all our materials exactly as required to minimise wastage and keep the cost to our customer as low as possible. Any excess material is then donated to local schools and play centres for young children to make collagés or practise the art of sewing (unfortunately this is not an apprenticeship scheme for The Cullin Design)!!

Our extra foam that we aren't able to use is bagged and returned to our supplier, it is then crumbed and turned into high density underlay and reused.

Our reupholstery work is also a great way of reducing landfill, in the day of our society becoming a throw away one, we love nothing more than restoring a beautiful piece to a level that always exceeds our customers imaginations!

 Every little bit of effort helps, and we think knowing that we have made every effort to reduce waste and be a sustainable business, will make the end product even more comfortable and better looking!