The Cullin Design partners with a range of builders, interior designers, property developers and architects to provide premium quality upholstery and flawless fit outs for commercial and residential projects. We collaborate with clients to bring their ideas to life with high-grade commercial fabrics for lasting performance. Our team specializes in providing upholstery solutions for a broad range of settings, including schools, churches, hospitals, clubs, restaurants, hotels, retailers and more. With a speciality in custom banquette seating, upholstered acoustic wall panels, bedheads and furniture.

sOME OF OUR Clients


The Cullin Design worked closely with Zuri Beauty's owner to enhance her space while staying within budget. Our design included earthy tones, custom domed banquette seating and cushions for the client waiting room and treatment area to give that Zen finish. 

District 14

Collaborating with designers, builders, and architects, to redesigned District 14 Night Club. Our work involved enhancing the space with VIP booth seating, bar stools, ottomans, and custom banquette seating. Additionally, we reupholstered existing furniture in durable commercial-grade material.


We worked closely with the owner of Jan n Jean to make her store vision a reality. This involved creating a comprehensive design plan, collaborating with various trades, creating custom furniture, suppling and installing mirrors, ottomans, and furniture for the store in addition to installing elegant drapery for the store's studio and dressing room.

cpt jacks

Collaborating with Lizzie, the owner, to materialize her vision for this highly-rated 4.5 star restaurant. This project includes producing bespoke banquette seating, coordinating dining chairs, and incorporating Anna Spiro cushions for that finishing touch.


Full design concept which included CAD drawings, custom-made book shelves & reading nooks, rainbow ottomans, banquette cushions, bespoke carpet, faux leather chairs, custom wall signage, school desks & chairs.

South of the Wall

Our team collaborated with South of the Wall to design several rustic banquette seating areas with a pop of colour to add a vibrant touch to their dining establishment.

Commercial Upholstery FAQs

STEP 1: Submit an inquiry to and tell us about your upcoming project

STEP 2: A team-member from The Cullin Design will be in
touch to discuss all your project needs and determine if a free on-site check and measure is required to complete your quote. During this time free fabric & timber  samples can be arranged via
post or during your onsite consultation.

STEP 3: You will receive a quote which you can accept, decline or suggest alterations to

STEP 4: Once a quote is accepted, a 50% deposit is required to process your order

STEP 5: Please allow 8 – 12-week turnaround time from time of deposit  

STEP 5: Installation will take 1 – 2 days depending on the
size of the project or can be done in stages

Our team will collaborate with you and other parties involved to ensure a seamless installation of your project.

Based on the size of your project and availability of materials, the estimated turnaround is 8 to 12 weeks.

The normal timeline for completion can vary between 1 to 2 days, depending on the scope of the project. All custom furniture, frames, and special orders are produced or purchased before installation. After all items are prepared, we will collaborate with you to set a preferred date for installation, or we can install in stages as needed.

Our team will consider the current design, theme, and project inspirations when collaborating with you to develop a unique concept.

Depending on your budget, we can include CAD drawings and custom mood boards to help you visualize the final look. Keep in mind that this service may come at an added cost.

Yes. During your initial consultation, a check measure will be taken for quoting purposes. Once the project has been confirmed & a deposit has been paid, a second check-measure may be required prior to commencing the project. This will occur during a time which is best suited to you.

We cater for a number of high-traffic commercial settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, night clubs, schools, restaurants, beauty salons and more. To comply with industry standards for safe cleaning of upholstery, we utilise premium commercial grade fabrics. Factors that will be taken into consideration while quoting your project include; UV resistant options, bleach cleanable, fire retardant, mould and mildew resistant, waterproof and environmentally friendly options.

The Cullin Design furniture comes with a 6-year structural warranty that starts from the date of purchase. The warranty for fabric is unique to each fabric house and may differ. In case of any fabric defects, The Cullin Design will look into it on your behalf. Please provide photos and a detailed description of the issue to assist us in forwarding it to the fabric house for their investigation.

The Cullin Design requires a 50% deposit to process your project. Once a deposit has been received, the material required will be ordered and the outstanding amount will be due 1 week prior to installation. Please discuss with The Cullin Design directly for an update on turnaround times.

Tell us about your commercial upholstery project

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