COVID 19 ~ UPDATE 4th August, 2020

To all our wonderful customers at The Cullin Design ~ THANK YOU
Your support over the years and more so than ever before during these unprecedented times, is appreciated more than words. 
Today it is with regret with a heavy heart that I provide an update on the Operating and Logistics at The Cullin Design that will take effect Wednesday 5th August at 11.59pm, 2020. 
These temporary changes will impact the functionality of production, however we will continue to work 'safely from home', to assist you with general enquiries, orders and custom requests.    
  • For the period commencing August 5th - September 16th, 2020. The Cullin Design will be closed to foot traffic at our Showroom HQ. 
  • During the Victorian governments 'Stage 4 - stay at home restrictions' For all Australian Made MANUFACTURING 'onsite' - furniture, metal and textile production is closed.
  • During the Victorian governments 'Stage 4 - stay at home restrictions' RETAIL & WHOLESALE trade relating to furniture is closed for in store purchases. 
  • Please note to not abide by these industry specific restrictions that have been put in place for Melbourne Metro and Mitchell shire under this order will risk heavy fines for non compliance.
Existing orders in the system will regrettably be delayed by the number of weeks that we are required to stay closed - at this stage that is 6 weeks. We are hopeful that the period of time may be reduced in the coming weeks.
The Cullin Design are in the fortunate position and are an established and well supported business. We have no doubt that in 6 weeks (or hopefully sooner) we will return with all staff members back at full capacity. 
From Thursday, until we are given the green light to return to work, I will look forward to talking to you all via email or instagram. Please keep yourselves safe and healthy, and email me if you need anything at all.